Quality Heating and Plumbing in Somerset Devon Dorset
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Energy and how we can help you save it!


Heating & hot water savings of 80%

Thermodynamic Atmospheric Energy Panels heat water up to 55°C in sun, rain, wind and even at night time...

Thermodynamic systems can also heat your home saving 80% of your fuel bills.

Thermodynamics will provide 100% of your hot water 365 days a year and even works at night! Learn More

Energy efficient Gas

Reduce your fuel usage by up to 30%

Condensing boilers are the most energy efficient central heating boilers on the market today. They can be 10-15% more efficient than a modern conventional boiler and up to 30% more efficient than older boilers, so the energy saving and the impact on your fuel bills can be significant. LearnMore

Solar Hot Water

60% of your hot water, met by the sun! FREE

You can have the majority of your hot water heated FREE!, with our high efficiency solar systems, you can expect to have solar heated water most of the year. A solar system can be fitted to your existing system (including combination boilers), in as little as one day. Learn More

Energy Controls

4½ days of fuel a year FREE

Optimum start/stop controls are devices used to adjust the starting and stopping time for heating according to the temperature measured inside or outside the building, aiming to heat the building to the required temperature by the programmed time. This feature may delay or advance the boiler start time to ensure rooms are up to temperature by the programmed time. Learn More